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Let's accelerate your business.

Communication is key. Let's talk phones.

  • We strive to help New Orleans' businesses stay competitive by offering superior customer service and competitive rates for their telephone service.


  • By utilizing our hybrid fiber-wireless technology, we're able to help keep your business moving.


  • We customize a package just for you to best fit your business telephone needs and budget.

You're busy. Let's keep it that way.


Lines as low as $25/mo.

Introducing LITvoice 


  • For employees who simply need to make and receive calls.

  • Answering machine, call handling, call transfer.

  • The classic PBX but with more than just the stability and security of LIT.



  • For the company that wants to improve efficiency by enhancing its internal communication.

  • Here you will find the possibility to share documents, chat, call with a click, and view the status of colleagues.

  • Ideal for multi-location offices and teams working on shared projects.

  • Streamlining daily communication processes saves each employee an average of 2 hours a day on the time usually spent on routine activities such as telephoning and exchanging information.

  • Includes a mobile app for your cell phone.



  • In addition to the features that allow you to streamline your daily processes (LITups and videoconferencing), your company can increase productivity by opening up your communication to the outside world.

  • In addition, LITups opens up the flow of communication to the outside world and connect your website to your offices. Online visitors can contact the right person with a click and so can your employees, reducing the percentage of calls and contacts lost.

  • A strategic advantage that allows you to raise the lead conversion rate and thus increase your business up to 52% more sales.


Like what you see? Great! Click the button below to get started!

  • Our Unified Communication platform can revolutionize the way your business communicates both internally and with your customers.

  • Collaborate from anywhere with your team.

  • Your phone system can be more than just another thing on your desk.

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